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Ever since I realized the true potential of complementary alternative medicine, it has been my passion to help people who were suffering both mentally and physically. I believe in mind-body healing and am committed to transforming the traditional idea of wellness by incorporating Energy medicine healing, Ayurveda Indian traditional medicine, Yoga and Meditation.

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Energy healing is a lesser known yet very potent healing technique that uses your life force energy (‘Prana’ in Sanskrit or ‘Chi’ in Chinese) to accelerate the natural healing process. Your body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself...


Marma therapy is an important part of Ayurveda that helps to maintain health by cleansing blocked energy. Marma therapy utilizes 107 points or “doorways” into the body and consciousness. The mind is considered as the 108th marma. Marma therapy is the science of utilizing vital energy points for healing the body, mind and spirit and is often done by activating these energy points with ayurvedic pressure.

Ayurveda is the ancient (5000 year old) science of longevity and lifestyle. As a certified Ayurveda Practitioner I assess your doshas (bio-energies) and Prakruthi (constitution). I analyse the root cause of the condition by pulse diagnosis (Nadi pareeksha) and guide you towards natural healing by...
Wellness can only be achieved through harmonizing the mind, the body and the spirit. Based on individual needs, I conduct private classes on yoga and guided meditation, alongwith personalized counselling sessions and spiritual teachings. Childrens’ wellness is my personal area of interest and I conduct courses...

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Our services include Quantum Energy Healing, Breathing Techniques,
Ayurveda, Yoga and Mediation.



My mom got diagnosed with breast cancer, and we were in a panicky situation. While we were trying to figure out her treatment, we got in touch with mrs.smita and her precision with my moms ailment and her prediction was tooo accurate.. her healing was magical and my mom throughout her operation and thereafter had absolutely no pain.. she not only has healing powers but was very comforting during the whole process as a family member.. we will always be grateful to her for sailing us through the toughest times of our lives so smoothly with great affection and her super powers..

Smita Aunty had healed my stomach and back because my back used to hurt a lot and also my stomach used have problem in digestion. Smita aunty had also predicted the time and day of my work that had to come from my friend.

Holy basil is truly a very potent face mask for common face issues many of us endure such as acne, blemishes, and pimples. It has truly had a very positive impact on me and has improved the quality of my skin to a large extent. I recommend it to all teenagers and adults.

Happy Client

Smita is a God sent soul who has been helping me since last 1.5 years. I have acid reflux and digestive issues due to which I couldn’t function properly in my day to day life nor could I sleep well.  She has not only healed my stomach but also guided me about right food to eat. Apart from being a great healer, she is also an expert in ayurveda.

Her ayurvedic recommendation are top notch. She has also been a great counsellor in my low phases of life. She is the first person who comes in my mind for any health related issues and queries. I can be sure that once someone is connected to her, it will open their doors to good health, wealth and a great life.

Happy Client in New Delhi, India

I have had a wonderful experience working with Smita to improve and uplift various aspects of my life.

Health aspect – I suffer from extremely low vision, makes me suffer from constant headaches and watery eyes throughout the day. After a few healing sessions I noticed that my eyes were no longer watery and my headaches had also reduced. My stomach is also prone to illness and I often get stomach infections and indigestion. Smita’s healings have increased my stomach’s immunity and I now fall sick far less frequently.

Career aspect – For almost 10 years I was unhappy with the trajectory of my career and felt confused about my direction in life. This along with my low vision problem made me feel like I didn’t have many career options. With Smita’s counselling and clairvoyance, I was able to discover my strengths and learned to channelize my energy in a productive manner. I gained the courage to start my own business, and I am now much happier as a result.

Emotional/Mental aspect – Due to my constant health issues and my unhappiness with my career, I constantly felt confused and found it difficult to make decisions. I was second guessing myself and this became the biggest hurdle to my progress. I now feel much more aligned mentally and emotionally. I am much more confident about my decisions now, and even when the outcome doesn’t go my way, I have the emotional fortitude to overcome any challenges that come my way. I am grateful for all the time and effort Smita has spent to support me with her healing and her counselling services, and I could never have walked this path without her.

The healing you did for my father in law was very helpful. He had a cardiac arrest and his kidneys got affected. He underwent 7 dialysis treatments, but your healing helped in opening up the kidneys again and your predictions were also always correct

Neha Mittal, Indore

I have known Smitaji for the past 2 years. She originally started working with my son, who had some health and anxiety issues. He had a delayed development and was an extremely under-confident and shy kid. My son would come and cry every day after school at home and had even lost interest in attending classes, and reading books. Luckily, I was introduced to Smita through a common friend. Smita helped my son a lot in terms of first initiating him into yoga and building his overall aura and confidence level. She used to counsel him on phone every day, and made him do some creative arts practice, which made my son interested in speaking to her regularly. Today, when I look at my son, I feel that he is a completely changed person. My son loves her, and has become quite independent in talking to her without any initiation from my side.

Smitaji, has immensely helped me in tackling my health issues. I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for past 2 years. Smitaji’s regular healings and ayurvedic medicines have helped calm my symptoms and given me energy to carry on with regular life. Thanks to her, I have been able to finish a teaching course, without falling sick too many times. She has also guided me on improving my eating habits. Initially, I used to be very erratic and careless about my diet. However, with her guidance, I have started following a more disciplined life-style, and my health feels much better.

Regarding my studies and professional prospects, Smitaji has always been very encouraging and positive. I feel I am a happier person today and I have stopped complaining about the things that are missing in my life, as Smita has changed my orientation and aura to that of great positivity. She is truly a blessed soul who has a long way to go helping people around her in a selfless manner. She has sacrificed a lot to reach where she is today, and she truly deserves every bit of it. She is a humble and a giving person, who interacts with all her clients in a manner they are most comfortable with. I would like to wish her all the very best for her future endeavours.

Isha Aditi Dhar

I am much better as a result of the diet and supplements prescribed by Smita. My main issue of acidity is better and I have also experienced weight loss as a result of the detoxification. I appreciate that all this improvement was without the use of any allopathic medicines, using all natural ayurvedic medicines. Thanks one again for making my health better.

I met Smita when I was in India, studying Ayurveda at Kerala Ayurveda Academy. She was very friendly and helpful in a very sensitive moment in my life. I was feeling weak and she helped me enhance my energy with her healing powers. She also predicted my marriage, with incredible precision of dates and place where I would meet my husband. She is very powerful and a very kind person, always ready to help you. I strongly recommend her work.

Juliana França, Brazil

Smita is my good friend, a clairvoyant and a healer. In August 2017, my health went for a toss after I got hysterectomy done. Unfortunately, a rare accident happened during the surgery and I suffered a ureter injury. Three days after the first surgery I had severe pain in my pelvic area and I went in for another emergency surgery. Smita stood by me like a pillar throughout this rough period of time and helped me heal physically and mentally. I felt very energetic after her healings and pain free. Smita you have truly been a great support at a time when I really needed someone like you in my life.  You were truly God sent to me. Words will never be enough to thank you.

My son was suffering from constant tummy aches for 4-5 months, so severe that we had to take him to the ER a few times. We did all the tests (endoscopy, colonoscopy), but the doctors here in Los Angeles couldn’t find anything. A friend introduced us to Smita and she has been a life saver, simply by consultation and guidance over skype. With the healing and Ayurvedic herbal remedies she has cured my son. She also suggested diet changes that have helped tremendously. I just couldn’t believe it. All the tummy aches have gone and his quality of life has improved so much. I would recommend Smita to anyone.

Smita More’s broad ranging empathy and kindness have already had a tremendous impact on my health and mental well-being. This warm hearted approach is rare, refreshing and genuine. I believe this to be the excellent antidote to a busy Hong Kong lifestyle, especially for expats like myself living away from home.

The Smita More method is holistic and comprehensive – Practical advice to nutrition planning (including a very impressive array of recipes); Guided meditation which includes ayurvedic, empathetic healing techniques and discussions on life… Smita has an uncanny predictive ability and very kind approach. Natural medicine advice. I love the approach to healing through food and natural supplements.

I have known Smita More for a long time. With her hard work and passion to do good for others, she has achieved a lot in life. She took up studies of Ayurveda at this age and has done wonders. She is an amazing healer and has unbelievable powers. She has done healing for me on various occasions. Sometimes for migraine and sometimes for long nasty cough. I had always felt relief through her healings. I have recommended her to many others and all have benefited from her. I am highly grateful to her.

Smita has helped me with my journey to heal my digestive issues by paying close attention to help diagnose the root cause of my problem. Smita is approachable, patient and is happy to share her wealth of knowledge in the Ayurveda and healing field. I appreciate all her energy, time and care, and will continue to look upon her for help with my irritable bowel syndrome.

Vini Balani

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