We live in a technology driven world where we get information about almost everything at our finger tips. We are well informed about the healthiest diet, best workout sessions and the easiest ways to de-stress. But in this fast-paced era, in our constant quest,  we have lost the ability to stay in harmony with the laws of nature. The divine and holistic science of Ayurveda has clear advices on how to stay in tune with nature by following a healthy daily routine. Make these Dinacharya rules recommended by Ayurveda, a part of your daily life and see how it can reveal the best in you.

  1. Wake up, it’s a beautiful day: Start your day by waking up 2 hours before sunrise. This time called “Brahmamuhurtha” in Ayurveda is the best for any kind of learning. Your grasping power will be the highest during this time and yes, students benefit the maximum.
  2. Detoxify yourself for the day: Begin the day with a fresh start each morning by detoxifying your body mentally and physically. Cleanse your mind, fill it with positive thoughts and evacuate your bowel. Early morning evacuation of bowel is recommended in Ayurveda as waiting longer could lead to the buildup of body toxins called ‘Ama’.
  3. Cleanse your sense organs: Wash your eyes, brush the teeth and do tongue scraping. Yes, even such minor things as tongue scraping have importance and are not exempted in Ayurveda. Traditional practices such as Nasya (nasal instillation of medications) and Dhoomapana (inhaling the smoke of medicinal herbs) are beneficial in cleansing the respiratory passages.
  4. Pamper yourself with Abhyanga: Massage with medicated oil is called Abhyangain Ayurveda. Doing self-abhyanga for few minutes daily before bath is recommended in Ayurveda as it imparts a natural glow and prevents premature ageing.
  5. Work out time: Energize yourself with physical exercise, yoga and breathing exercises. This allows daily rejuvenation of your body and mind and makes your body strong and flexible.
  6. Take a shower: There is nothing more comforting than a lukewarm shower. But avoid using warm water, especially for the eyes and hair. Did you know that a timely bath helps to kindle your digestive fire?
  7. Break your fast:  It’s time for breakfast. Make sure the previous night’s meal is digested well. Have a wholesome nutritious meal as this will lay the foundation for your day. Do not overeat.
  8. Engage in your daily activities: With all the positive energy in your body and mind, start engaging in your daily activities, be it work, study or other duties.
  9. Lunch time: Lunch time should be fixed between 12 noon and 2 pm. Your Agnior digestive fire is the strongest during this time and facilitates easy digestion.
  10. Afternoon nap?No no! Do you prefer taking a nap after that scrumptious meal? And what if Ayurveda says it can hamper your metabolism and increase fat deposition? You certainly do not want to punish your body by doing that. But yes, you may take a short nap during summer season.
  11. Sundown:This is the ideal time to relax after the hectic day. Experience the beauty of nature, offer evening prayers and detach yourself from all the stress and tension of a busy day.
  12. It’s dinner time:A warm, light diet is preferred for a good night’s sleep. Make sure you have your dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime. This ensures optimum digestion of the food you eat and imparts sound sleep.
  13. Lights off: Fix your sleep time at around 10pm. Wind up all your activities, be thankful for the day and wish yourself peace. A sound sleep for about 6 to 8 hours is essential for an energetic and vibrant day that follows.

Ayurveda is a way of living. There is nothing too complicated when it comes to taking care of your health. The above recommendations by Ayurveda can also be considered as preventive measures against lifestyle disorders and many such health hazards. Just a bit of modification in your daily routine can surely change your life for better.